How to be a Cadie

A Cadie is a roving organiser. The first step in organising is striking up a conversation.

Everyday organising

“If I give you a tip on the card machine do the tips go straight to the worker?”

Better than Zero and Unite Hospitality have helped lots of workers in Scotland get hold of their tips. It’s always worth asking – even just because it shows you care. Be wary of ‘service charges’ that may be withheld from workers. If the worker doesn’t get their tips, we can help. Let them know about Better than Zero, and give them a leaflet on the sly.

Do you have a union in this workplace?

Sometimes, if it feels right, you might just come right out and ask. Maybe you’re wearing a union badge and a worker asked about it. Maybe you’ve been chatting for a while.

“Have things been busy coming out of lockdown?”

Asking about how busy things have been is a good way to start a conversation about job security, and the work environment. If things have been quiet so far, how do workers feel about job security. Are they getting the number of hours they want per week? What are they worried about going forward?
If it’s been busy, are they understaffed? Is this an ok place to work – does it feel safe and manageable in the long term?

Oh ****! I’m talking to a really anti-union manager!

Don’t worry. On the whole it’s good for bosses to be a bit scared! It means they’re less likely to attack workers. Just be calm, and if you feel like it, a bit ominous.

What is the goal here?

Organising Basics

The main thing you’re trying to do is plant a seed. Work can be different, you can have power through collective strength, and we’re here to help.

What’s step one?

The most important first step is to establish a collective. That means getting everyone in the workplace who might be interested in organising in a WhatsApp group.

How to organise on the sly?

Catch workers when there’s no one listening in.

Don’t look like something is wrong – look cheerful and stay relaxed.

Details of workplace problems don’t have to be ironed out there and then, just get an impression.

Give them a leaflet or get their contact details.

Let’s get Scotland organised

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